Taking Care of Your Restaurant

If a restaurant develops a reputation for being dirty or unsanitary, its profitability can take a nosedive. Whether you oversee a fine dining establishment or a fast food joint, cleanliness and sanitation should be among your foremost priorities. Encouraging cleanliness in your kitchen workers and wait staff is vital to keeping your establishment free of germs and food-borne illness. Luckily, this is much easier than many restaurateurs think. If a sanitary workforce is what you’re after, the following tips are sure to prove useful.

Require All Work Attire to be Clean

If an employee reports for their shift in dirty work attire, the consequences can be twofold. For starters, this will give them an unprofessional appearance, which can be particularly problematic if they’re in charge of seating or waiting on patrons. Secondly, dirty clothing can promote the spread of germs and potentially make diners sick. If your restaurant doesn’t provide laundry services, require your employees to wash their uniforms after each shift.

Never Let a Table Go Unbussed

In the quest to promote sanitation, bussing tables should be high atop your list of priorities. Failure to thoroughly clean tables after a party has left can spread germs and assorted bacteria – in addition to giving your restaurant a dirty, unprofessional appearance. With this in mind, require your staff to promptly bus tables and frequently clean any buffet displays or salad bars. Furthermore, keeping certain buffet entrees warm can help reduce the risk of food-borne illness. This is why it pays to invest in self-warming buffet displays from a celebrated hot food merchandiser.

Be Vigilant About Hand Washing

As any seasoned restaurateur can confirm, hand washing is crucial to upholding sanitation. As such, your restaurant should have a zero-tolerance policy on employees who don’t wash their hands after using the facilities. Not washing up after a restroom visit shows wanton disregard for the safety of both diners and other employees, and no one who engages in such negligent behavior has any business working in food service.

Sanitation should constantly be on the mind of anyone who owns or manages a restaurant. When working to maintain a sanitary eatery, it’s imperative that you encourage cleanliness among your employees. To this end, require your staff to thoroughly clean their uniforms before each shift, bus vacant tables posthaste and wash their hands after using the restroom or handling raw ingredients.